What's Inside a YNRC Relaxation Shot

YNRC combines a clinically tested proprietary blend of herbs and minerals with fruit and vegetables juices, natural flavors, and a touch of stevia for sweetness. YNRC Relaxation Shot™ was designed as an easy, safe, and healthy way to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation by relieving anxiety. 




YNRC shots contain a proprietary clinically tested blend of Kava Extract, Passion Flower, Magnesium Glycinate, DL-Methionine, and L-Lysine, which is equivalent to a teaspoon of pure supplement powder.

Kava Extract: the key compounds in the kava plant that promote relaxation are kavain & desmethyoxyyangonin, which act like a muscle relaxer, so you're mentally alert but physically calm. Kava's key compounds also drive up dopamine levels in the brain, leading to an improvement in mood and an increase in pleasant feelings. Kava has been shown to effectively and reliably treat anxiety in many clinical research studies, in addition to research suggesting that kava decreases aggression and improves sleep quality.

Passionflower Extract: studies suggest passionflower may help relieve insomnia and anxiety by boosting the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain.

Magnesium Glycinate: half of all Americans are deficient in magnesium, though it is a critical mineral responsible for more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Since our cells use magnesium to stabilize membranes and to help muscles relax, symptoms of magnesium deficiency include tight, cramping, or stiff muscles. Magnesium Glycinate has been used clinically to treat chronic fatigue and pre-menstrual mood changes.

DL-Methionine: methionine supplements help protein synthesis and provide support for healthy metabolic, central nervous, and immune system function. DL-Methionine has also been used to treat depression.

L-Lysine: Lysine amino acid that is effective at reducing stress-induced anxiety and trait anxiety in those known to have a deficiency. L-Lysine has also been associated with lower baseline levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

YNRC Relaxation Shot Safety

Since we use only natural, healthy ingredients and careful preparation, the YNRC Relaxation Shot™ proprietary blend is safe for most healthy adults. Though there have been warnings associated with kava use, there is very little evidence to support the claim that kava is directly responsible for any serious adverse health effects. In fact, all human trials to date using kava have reported no significant adverse effects. In August 2007, American Academy of Family Physicians published an article stating that “Short-term use of kava is recommended for patients with mild to moderate anxiety disorders who are not using alcohol or taking other medicines metabolized by the liver, but who wish to use ‘natural remedies.’”

Those with pre-existing liver conditions should avoid products containing kava due to possible toxicity, though the association between kava and liver toxicity is not direct or definitive. In fact, no controlled human trial has noted liver toxicity with kava in isolation when used at moderate dosages. Still, out of an abundance of caution, we recommend checking with your doctor if you have any conditions of the liver prior to ingesting products containing kava. 

Since kava crosses the blood-brain barrier and we don’t know enough about the effects on development, ingestion is not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Kava has been shown to exacerbate the cognitive effects of alcohol (i.e., confusion, decreased reaction time), so the two should not be ingested at the same time.


YNRC Relaxation Shots™ are available in the following flavors: MangoLemonadeToasted CoconutCucumber MintGrape and Watermelon.