How It Works



At a time when stress levels among Americans are at an all-time high (see The Stress in America Survey™) and potentially addictive anxiety medication is being prescribed at alarming rates (see Our Other Prescription Drug Problem), it is clear Americans need a healthy option for achieving relaxation. YNRC Relaxation Shot™ intends to be that healthy option.

While there are a few products currently marketed as “relaxation beverages,” these products rely on relatively mild active ingredients and simple ingredient profiles. The YNRC Relaxation Shot™ proprietary blend includes FIVE natural, safe ingredients all proven to independently mitigate anxiety symptoms. Together, these ingredients evoke an immediate sense of relaxed focus, allowing a reprieve from tension and anxiety without causing sedation or confusion.  

The Science Behind It

The primary active ingredient in the YNRC Relaxation Shot™ is Kava, a plant native to the South Pacific region that has been used for centuries as a ceremonial drink because drinking Kava causes feelings of physical relaxation and mental calmness. As a physician and also a believer in the benefit of natural remedies, Dr. Chad Domangue was intrigued when he heard about this plant that eased anxiety, though he did not simply believe it because he heard it worked. Dr. Domangue assembled a research team, headed by Dr. Amber Allison, a psychologist in New Orleans. Both Dr. Domangue and Dr. Allison know from their education and experience that anxiety is a difficult and complicated psychological state to navigate, and it is often not adequately treated by our standard medical options.

Through extensive research, they learned that giving anxious people daily doses of Kava for weeks or months effectively and greatly decreased their anxiety without causing unpleasant side effects. One study even showed that Kava decreased anxiety levels just as much as prescription anxiety medication! Other studies showed that Kava increases sleep quality and improves attention, likely as a result of decreasing anxiety symptoms like racing thoughts, muscle tension, and excessive worry. The exact way Kava works in the body is not yet known, but research has discovered that it works on the same brain pathways as prescription anxiety medication.

Our hope is that once individuals experience the immediate calming effect of the YNRC Relaxation Shot™, they will shift away from the less-healthy ways they usually cope with anxiety, whether that anxiety is related to the stress of raising children or to the fear of messing up at work or to the limitations associated with chronic pain. We imagine a world where anxiety levels are controlled without prescription medication or other self-medicating means. We imagine a world where people are relaxed and productive, rather than stressed and scatterbrained. We imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to stress-less and focus+more.

YNRC Relaxation Shots™ are available in the following flavors: MangoLemonadeToasted CoconutCucumber MintGrape and Watermelon.