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You’re at your best when you’re calm and focused, not jittery and stressed. 


Made because life's everyday challenges can cause stress & anxiety

Life expects a lot of you. Whether it's work deadlines, complaining coworkers, school projects, family obligations, daunting housework, financial pressure or heated political conversations, life is often times stressful. When trying to stay focused on one task at a time while juggling several other challenges, you're likely to experience symptoms of anxiety, like racing thoughts, muscle tension, and expecting the worst. Though this is part of normal everyday life, it can be difficult to effectively and healthily cope. So what do you do? Run for your fourth cup of coffee? Or that glass of wine? While that may make you feel better in the short run, I think we both know the negative consequences, like poor quality of sleep, actually end up increasing your stress level.

Try this instead – take one YNRC Relaxation Shot™. You will immediately experience a sense of calm focus without negative side-effects. And it's small enough to be kept in your office drawer, your car console, or your purse - so you can relax+more and stress-less, anywhere, anytime, NATURALLY!

YNRC Shots help you reduce occasional anxiety and stress, improve your focus, so you can be at your best daily
— Dr. Chad Domangue



What's in a YNRC Relaxation Shot?

YNRC Relaxation Shots ™ contain FIVE natural, safe ingredients proven to independently decrease anxiety symptoms and reduce stress. Together, these ingredients produce a profound sense of relaxed focus. YNRC Relaxation Shots™ are an on-the-go product that’s fast-acting and long-lasting.


Why try YNRC?


Quick, simple and effective / Fast and easy to consume / No added sugar / Caffeine-free / Real Fruit Juice / Low calorie / Non-GMO / Gluten-Free / Vegan


Our Story

YNRC was the brilliant discovery of neurologist Dr. Chad Domangue who made it his mission to help those who suffer from anxiety and stress by creating a great tasting ALL NATURAL product. No more PRESCRIPTIONS


Neurologist Dr. Chad Domangue, M.D.


The popular topic of relaxation drinks has been featured in the media recently:


6 Delicious All Natural Flavors

What Our Customers Say


If I’m having one of those days I take a YNRC and within minutes my anxiousness is gone. I highly recommend everyone have some YNRC on standby for those days anxiety hits.
— Melissa R.
I love this product! Between working full time and school I am always looking for a pick me up. YNRC is just that.
— Val G.
I never usually buy things like this but I felt great afterwards. I was relaxed and was able to concentrate on my tasks all day.
— John H.